What is Blockchain

It’s a shared ledger specifically handle the recording of transactions that includes assets tracking within enabled Business entities. The nature of assets can be anything that are quantifiable in terms of natural or intellectual objects e.g. a carpet, music content created in your own studio etc.


Protects your data against any vulnerabilities. Improves the visibility of data for optimized validations and handle large amount of data generated, from today’s innovative technology solutions like Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and what not?

Trust – As a privileged member of network the authenticity, integrity & timeliness of data is assured along with verified access to other entities.

Security – Provides level of record keeping that cannot be altered at any cause even with highest level of privileges.

Transparency – As view ability of transactions are inevitable in blockchain environment. The transparency level can be controlled/customized in terms of private network.


Our Services

On our quondam paths of adopting new technologies within Enterprises, identified spectrum of best practices in building Blockchain based products that can evolve through innovations.

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The perception of our analysis is different on problems, where the focus is more on early technology adoption with controlled disruption, utilising the best practices and key learnings. This will enable our partners and clients with their future proof Enterprise systems. Our pool of innovative evangelists and domain experts at work globally round-the-clock.


Our key motto is to stay updated and aware of the impact, driving cognitive decisions for our customers and share it in time on “being-informed”.

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